Foreigners with an Israeli Student Visa,
we have some good news for you!

Are you tired of wasting money on car rentals and City Cars? Are the taxi fares adding up?
Well now you have a chance to buy a brand-new car and you are entitled to up to 45% off on your purchase!

About Levinson Cars:

  • Levinson Cars has many years of experience in the process of purchasing cars for tourist students as well as expertise in dealing with the customs office
  • When you purchase through us, you will have a smooth buying experience without unnecessary headaches.

  • In addition, at Levinson Cars, we will help and assist you acquire financing if needed..

At 'Levinson cars' we service you from "A to Key"!

Buying a new car in just 4 easy steps:

1. Choose your new vehicle from a variety of vehicles, customized to your personal preferences.

2. Levinson Cars will guide and provide you with all the documents you will need to complete the banking and customs processes.

3. Levinson Car’s will help you obtain the bank guarantee without hassle, and you will receive periodic updates from the company representative regarding the status of your car.

4. That’s it. You've reached the exciting moment of picking up your new vehicle!

Please notice: Our services are provided for free and do not involve additional cost over the price of the car!

The benefits of buying a car from Levinson Cars:

Full accompaniment from the vehicle selection stage to arrival at the customer's home.

Eliminating headaches and bureaucracy when dealing with authorities and car importers.

A large variety of vehicles available for immediate purchase.

Up to 100% low interest financing.

Importer's liability from the moment of purchase of the vehicle and not from the moment the vehicle arrives at the leasing lot.

Retaining a value of up to about 15% in the sale of the vehicle firsthand.

Does not require a Test for first 3 years.

Please leave your details and we'll get back to you shortly:

*Financing starts as low as 590 a month!

** The company does not undertake to obtain financing for customers. Approval of financing depends on the consent of the banks and financing bodies.

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